Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring Blooms and the Belly Button Club

Spring Blooms

Last year was the first time we planted bulbs in our balcony planters. I've never been much of a green thumb, so for most of the year the poor things lay neglected. So neglected, in fact, that after I cleared out all the leaves and such a few months ago I completely forgot I'd left the bulbs in the ground. A few weeks back though, our son found that there were green stalks and leaves peeking out from the dirt, and we have watched with wonder as despite the odd Vancouver weather this year they have continued to slowly grow.

I hate grey, dreary days. Maybe I still have a tropical soul, used to the lush flowers and fruits of Colombia, but every winter I hate the sight of scarecrow trees poking out and everything kind of barren around. Thank goodness for evergreens! In order to offset this a little, last November we ran into these amazing  chinese lantern plants -- bright orange, they continue to dry out and be the same gorgeous colour even if their stalks have died out.  As the winter progressed and the leaves all fell out we decided to just cut out the dead stalks ( with their lovely bright lanterns) and cheat by propping them up so they would still add colour in the grey winter days. They had come in two large round planters, and in the months since I had been debating getting rid of them, since they were only taking up balcony space.

Imagine my surprise, when going to use them to plant iris bulbs ( after I found out about the awesomeness of bulbs) to see that their roots, deep underground, were all undergoing a revival!  Now they have all there bright  shoots with vibrant leaves springing up; I told our son about it, and how it looks like come October we may have our bright orange lanterns again.

He was so excited! "Mommy, its like our own Goodbye Cancer Garden!" he exclaimed. He had been a little sad to hear that no, we can't exactly grow pumpkins in a small planter on a balcony, so this was the next best thing.

The Belly Button Club

I was a bit down the other day, so I went to look around for more information and support groups. I found a wonderful one called the Belly Button Club - these are people who have or have had PMP, a great source of information and advice.... and just support. They are amazing. There are a couple who have given me leave to contact them and talk, as they underwent the MOAS with the same drs. and at the place I am being referred to.  Just trying to shake off myself a little, and tomorrow I will be emailing them. So many things to ask, where do you start??

Yesterday a friend sent me a pamper basket, which was absolutely amazing; I also got to eat my first chicken pot pie, which another friend made for us, and  a wonderful dinner my mom came over and made. I think my appetite is finally starting to return! :)

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