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The Ultrasound, Results and Unexpected ER trip

The Ultrasound

I went to get my Ultrasound on February 22nd. I had been able to access my lab results from the bloodtests via the province's e-health, so I knew I wasn't pregnant. As part of my US I had to have a full bladder, which meant drinking ( and holding in) a couple of large glasses of water. I asked Chris to drive me, as by the time my appointment neared it was painful to hold in.  As the time approached I asked the receptionists how long it would be, as I was pretty much in pain.

They were really understanding and amazingly kind - luckily I was next, and the US tech, M., did the first one that needed the full bladder and then let me go to the washroom before continuing with the rest. I was there a good 45 minutes, and she did a really thorough job. She wouldn't tell me much, except to re-confirm that NO I was definitely not pregnant.  In fact she was so adamant about this that I knew something was up.  The techs won't give you much information, but as I was leaving I asked her to tell me how long it might be before my doctor got the results; she paused and looked me in the eye, saying:

"Normally you'd be looking at 2-3 business days, but if there is something the matter they will get them sooner."

The way she put the emphasis there I sort of knew she had seen something in the ultrasound.  True to her word, my doctor called me first thing Friday morning, to book a follow up appointment. As they had none for the day  I made one for Monday and spent one long and stressful weekend.

The Follow up, Ultrasound results.

At this point I have to admit I went and did what I've been told you SHOULDN'T; I went on the internet and looked up anything and everything it could possibly be. I scared myself into thinking it could be a molar pregnancy, some sort of giant tumor or perhaps an ovarian cyst.   By the time my appointment came around I had worked myself into a frenzy, truth be told, but also figured that whatever I was told I more or less knew what to expect.

Dr. T was amazing and got straight to the point. They had found  something in the ultrasound, a 20 cm wide 'mass'.  To me, that sounded like there WAS literally a bowling ball in my belly, and it was scary. She sent me to get some additional bloodwork ( particularly some for kidney function and some markers) and let me know that they were sending a referral to book me into getting a  CT scan a the nearest hospital. To her it still sounded like a cyst; though she cautioned we'd only really know with the CT, she was reassuring. All the same she let me know that  if  started feeling pain, or bleeding, it might be that the cyst had ruptured and I should get to the ER straight away.

Scary as that was, I could handle those news. I could even  contemplate the possibility of losing an ovary, if it WAS a cyst. I have a son already, and though we had really wanted a sibling for him if we didn't... well, we didn't.  A few days later I finally got news for my CT -- it was scheduled for March 13th. Although it was a good three weeks away it was the earliest they could get me in for an urgent ultrasound. So, somewhat reassured, we waited.

The ER trip

I never made it to the CT scan.  A little over a week before, on March 4th, I was home baking bread with my son when I suddenly started feeling pain, and passing blood clots. In a bit of a panic I called Chris home ( he'd been away for the afternoon having some guy time with friends)  and my mother, who had serendipitously just arrived in town two days before. They arrived at pretty much the same time -- my mom and my sister took my son ( with an overnight bag just in case) and Chris took me to the ER at Eagleridge, the closest hospital to us.

Eagleridge is a small community hospital. When we got there we were admitted pretty quickly; I was thankful for that, as  I was very scared by this point.  Unfortunately they have only limited resources, so there was no  OBGYN  on call; the nurses and doctors on call were amazing and monitored me, as my blood pressure had shot up through the roof in my panic.  An IV was put in, some pain medication and an ultrasound later they put in a call to the larger  Royal Columbian Hospital for a transfer, where the obgyn on call accepted my case.  I overheard the doctor on the phone, describing the ultrasound:

"Its a... a... THING. It sort of looks like a large bladder, mostly fluid filled but with sediments..."

I joked with Chris that it was always reassuring when someone called it by the medical term of  A THING. The Dr. was amazing though, and told me that it didn't look like cancer, just a cyst -- and that at RCH they would be able to give me a CT scan or an MRI and best determine the course of action. He did say that there was something that looked like fluid in the ultrasound, so it did look as though the cyst had ruptured already.

I spent a very long night in the ER ( the person next to me was in serious distress) and the next morning they managed to find me a bed and a transfer out to RCH.

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  1. I hope the test results you got back brought good news. How are you doing now? I hope everything works perfectly with your treatments and procedures. With the right support and medication, I believe you can beat this disease. Take care and have a pleasant day!

    Eleanor Dawson @ Michigan Health Specialists