Wednesday, 4 April 2012

CT- Scan --- Check!

Well, that was anticlimatic....

Managed to take Aiden to the aquarium with my family today. We were there little more than an hour, and despite frequent sitting  I was rather exhausted.  I wish my bursts of energy lasted longer!

After that my parents took him for the afternoon, while Chris and I went off to the Vancouver Cancer Center for my CT scan.

We arrived there, nervous as could be ... and were done ten minutes later!
It was a strange sensation to be sure, but nowhere as terrifying as I'd thought. The tech was really sweet, and prepared me for the odd sensations that come with the injection of the radioactive contrast liquid, so  overall it was the easiest thing I've had done thus far.

Before leaving we made sure to request a copy of my scan for our records, and we will be able to pick it up next week before the meeting with the other local oncologist, Dr. J., on the 12th.

We headed home after that, and I slept the whole way here -- and the past 4 hours. I guess I underestimated just how exhausted I am these days; the sun was shining and the flowers are starting to peek out everywhere, so I really, really wanted to be out there, but I suspect I overdid it a bit.

I asked the tech about when the doctors will receive the CT scan, and she was a bit vague -- since its the long weekend coming up and they might not have the manpower it may be nearer the end of next week. She did make it a point to say that the CT scan had been marked urgent though, so she imagined my doctor would find ways of getting it sooner.

At any rate we will be starting to  phone Dr. Mc and the Tom Baker center directly come Tuesday.

Tomorrow we're off to the notary public; will, power of attorney and representation agreement all need to be ready and in order, so we're having those done tomorrow, just in case.

I'm really hopeful that with the CT scan things are really coming together now. If nothing else, having those tests in my own hand I can start poking around at other experts on my own too.

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