Thursday, 5 April 2012

Oh my goodness -- Tom Baker Appointment booked!

I was talking to a friend the other day, about how this is the 'new-normal'. Life changes once cancer enters it, for everyone it touches in the family.  We are slowly adjusting to the new normal, thanks to the kindness of family and friends.

Aiden has had an easier time at school - his friends and their parents, bless them, have rallied around him, and he feels incredibly supported. How do I thank them for such kindness??  A couple of days ago our friend M. dropped by with a Totoro stuffy she'd made me ( GAMBATTE!) and yesterday Aiden brought me a snowy owl that I can have with me when he can't be there. Today, when another friend C. dropped by with some things for Aiden from her kids, I just about lost it.  It hit me, I suppose, that Chris, Aiden and I have a TEAM. That it isn't just my wonderful parents and sisters but the friends we've made in the community here, the friends we have scattered through the world, in literally every continent. I have  dear ones sending up prayers, sending me their love and good energy. I felt so thankful I couldn't hold it in.

I will beat this.  Spring is all around us,  and things are coming together. I can do this. We can do this.

Not five minutes after C. left and I had a good cry, the phone rang.

I have an appointment at the TOM BAKER CENTER!!!!!!!!
Its for April 24th, and its just the consultation; until they have seen me, given me a physical and have the results of the CT -scan we still don't know  how soon after that the surgery will take place. As their secretary reminded me, its really a case by case basis.

So nervous. So excited.


  1. You have a big team in all corners of the globe!
    Regarding being tired keep in mind that you are going through allot and only a small percentage is physical. You are stressing and you need to give your body a chance to recuperate. Rest more even if physically you have a slow day.
    You have a plan, a team and a mission. Now chin up and make it happen.


    1. Thanks Patrick!
      working on doing just that -- I've never been that good about just sitting still, you know? ;)

  2. Yay Apis! Things are coming together. Now listen to Patrick! Even a tiny surgery takes a surprising amount out of you, and you've had a fairly substantial one already with more to follow. You need to really rest, take advantage of good food and good friends, and enjoy your wonderful family, both immediate and extended. Do things that fill you with joy.

    You'll beat this if any of the rest of us have anything to say about it! ;)

    Love you.


    1. Hi m'dear. <3
      Good food and good friends indeed. You should see the garden* ( haha balcony) that chibi planted with me/ for me. Its a thing of beauty, I tell you, and plenty wonderful in chasing away grey days.

  3. I agree with Kay. Do things that fill you with joy and rest, rest, rest.

    I know you will beat this and we will be there every step of the way. LOVE YOU BABY :)


    <3 Val

  5. Sounds like your support team is coming together rather well.
    So glad to year about your appointment.

    1. We keep postponing seeing your little guys Chris! Hopefully once I'm back. Never got to give you the Blues Clues Hannukah book! <3

  6. Animo Apis, aqui estamos contigo...


  7. Glad to hear you have your appointment now!! I must, of course, point out that Tom Baker is the name of the actor who played the fourth (and my favourite) Doctor, so I feel this can only bode well. ; )

    We have stew and another pot pie for you! Will make arrangements to drop it off on the weekend when convenient for you guys.

    Sending lots of love and positive thoughts!

    1. Sorry I didn't get to see you, but thank you SO much for the awesome treat! :) Your Totoro stuffy is the best to cuddle with, btw. <3

      ( And yes, Tom Baker was my favorite of the older doctors, so I'm taking it as a good omen!)