Thursday, 19 April 2012


Tomorrow morning we set out on the Beating Jelly Belly road trip.
Next Tuesday ( the 24th) is my appointment at the TBC, so we should have more answers or a plan of what's ahead by then. The CT scan showed that the jelly is back on the attack, and has been trying to get at my liver, so I'm hoping with the new information and tests that means I can get the MOAS, and hopefully have it scheduled soon.

Aiden has found the school counselor to be wonderful, and the Fraser Valley Cancer Centre has a  Children's Club he can attend in May. He's doing amazing, and really pumped up about the trip. It makes me really glad that we choose to do it this way, and that he will remember this coming week as the time of dinosaurs and hoodoos, and not just mommy's cancer appointment.   Life can't be all about cancer, there has to be some living in there too!

Heard from several friends this week -- Thank you, your messages and support are helping us all getting through this. I'm blessed with a very close family, and they have been... beyond amazing. Past that though,  I have been blown away by the kindness of other friends, the sheer strength that has been sent our way.


Now I'm listening to my BJB Roadtrip soundtrack, starting with the "Eye of the Tiger." Off to battle! :D


  1. crossing my fingers for you.

    Have a great trip too!

    btw what's the BJB Roadtrip music lineup?

  2. ooh... have a very safe, and very fun, trip! Take care, and all the best! All of our best wishes go out to you!

  3. Short note to say SHABAT SHALOM and I will have you in a special personal prayer later in the evening at the shabat service. This might be a “macho” song but it is energetic as Gatorade:

    And this I cherish

  4. Hi Apis, I know things may seem a bit down now, but have faith. I am 1yr out from my MOAS\HIPEC (Dr. Lowy) this Easter and things will get better. I've read your blog and can totally relate to your Up's\Down's. Through it all, I have come to realize this event in my life (no matter what the outcome, whether I live another year or 50 yrs) it has refocused my life to live in the present.... constantly giving thanks and appreciating all that life has to give. The smile on my sons face. The laughter from my spouse. The love of my dog. The beauty of a walk in the park and listening and feeling all there is while on that walk. I will pray for you. Hold onto your faith! And believe!

  5. Thinking of you.

  6. We are eagerly waiting to see you all today :)

    Uli, Jeff, M&M

  7. Good luck Apis! Thinking of you guys. :)

  8. Go 'way, JELLY!! Severe banishment thoughts directed at said jelly. It may not have your liver. ^_^

    If positivity is the key to beating cancer, there's no question about who will win this particular skirmish!

    I don't know what the weather's been like on your way but if it is at all like it's been here I'll be you've had a terrific trip! Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

    (Well... every day. But you knew that already! Give the chibi a hug for me).

  9. My dear Apis, all the best for your appointment tomorrow at the TBC. I hope you had a good trip to Alberta and enjoyed the awesome landscapes. I had the chance to visit the region a couple of years ago and it is magnificent.

    Reading your previous post regarding music for the trip I couldn't help thinking of our song when we were kids: Nothing's gonna stop us by Starship. Well, I hope nothing will stop you from winning this battle. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

    Please say hi to your parents and sisters. You are blessed for having them.

    Besos y abrazos. Te quiero mucho. JJRomero.

  10. Appointment day! Thinking of you and hoping that you are having a roadtrip with the family to cherish!