Tuesday, 22 May 2012

All Sorts of Days... but getting closer now!

I had a couple of  rather rough days ( over the weekend too, boo), so I mostly spent it in bed. Bleh.
I managed to catch the nasty cold / flu that Chris and Aiden had, so on Sunday I broke down and went to the doctor, who promptly proscribed antibiotics. After two days of them I am feeling MUCH better, but I was nervous that it might impact my upcoming surgery. Happily I was able to check with Dr. T's office and the pre-admission clinic today and... nope! :) Anti-biotics are a-ok; I have to make sure to finish the full course and get rid of this pesky cold, but I still have plenty of time, thank goodness.

Have been talking to a lot more appendix cancer sufferers in the facebook group and... wow. There are a lot more of us out there than I would've though, particularly close to my age. Sneaky thing.

Kindle, Postcards and such things...!

Some of you wonderful people have been asking me how you can help -- whether there's books, or magazines, or things that would distract. BLESS YOU.  <3  To be honest I don't know quite the state that I'll be in, but I imagine I will be getting restless sooner rather than later.  I am bringing a few art supplies in an effort to stay sane, but I would love some reading material.  :)

I was given a Kindle for my birthday by a dear friend, so I would love some kindle books if you want to share some from your collection, or send one my way? My account is under Chris' email: erekose13 AT gmail.com

Anything and everything would be lovely, but I am guessing that humorous books will  definitely be needed. ;) Send me your favorite, or a guilty pleasure! :D

If you're not into kindle, I would LOVE photos ( of you, or your kids/family, your garden or favorite travel photo...!), or drawings, or postcards or... fabric! :D Like little fat quarters, or a quilting square. :)  Much like the dragons I love in fantasy stories I could hoard fabric all day, and it makes me amazingly happy to see different patterns and colours.  I have to check with my sister where we could have it sent, not sure if it might be an option to send it straight to the hospital...?

Or if you prefer, just leave your digital footprint on my blog ( Chris and Ula will take turns updating, I think) or send me emails....  I love hearing from you guys, and your love and friendship always gives me strength.


  1. I have two plastic suitcases full of scrap fabric. I"ll make sure to neaten them up (I tend to shove and not cut off scrappy ends etc). If you like them they are yours. ^____^
    And kick that flu's butt!


  2. Dropbox invite sent. There are many Kindle books in there, hope you will find something to enjoy. :)

  3. If you need another option, I would be happy to bring things your friends send to the hospital if they want to mail them to me.

    Who will be updating your family on the surgery's progress? Will the hospital?

  4. Let us know where we can send things! I don't use e-books, but you could probably take your Kindle and look at Google Books and see if there are any classics you want to catch up on!

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better. I can't believe how fast the date is approaching. I wish I could get out to see you before you go.
    I will send off some amazon gift cards so you can pick your own kindle books.

  6. I wish I could be there with you, Apis. I read a book I liked a lot over the weekend that I'll send to you. If you have your eye on anything in particular, just let me know!