Sunday, 27 May 2012

Counting Down -- and contact information!

Counting down!

I had  to stop any herbal supplements  three days ago ( like my ginger tablets) and will have to ease off painkillers  by tomorrow or so. Well, at least Advil, which is what I have been using; I have been actively decreasing the dosage as much as I can the past couple of weeks anyhow, as I don't want my body to become too used to it. Closer to the operation I might be in a lot more pain though, so for those that will have me up close, just be aware I will probably be in full cranky mode. -___-

This close to d-day some days are great, and some are bad; apologies if I have to cancel plans and generally be a hermit, as its just dawned on me that  in a week I will be in Calgary already, getting ready. Have to pack and finish arranging things here!

CONTACT Info and Mailing Address

After speaking with my sister, its probably best to ship postcards/ cards there ( thank you so much for the offer Chelsea! <3 <3 ); so, with her leave, here is the address:

Apis Teicher c/o U.Teicher
37 Royal Elm Way,
North West Calgary

Email can be sent to Chris': ; between them, they will pass messages and cards along.

<3  I really look forward to hearing from you guys while I'm at the hospital. Thank you so much for the book suggestions, for the  prayers and good energy. I do ask that if you have a flu/ nasty cold you don't actually mail things though ( maybe e-cards instead? : ) )... infection would be a really bad thing while I'm recovering, so I have to take extra care to make sure everything is extra sterilized.

In regards to communication, I will be in surgery on June 7th, which means that Chris will be at the hospital. He really won't be able to answer emails/ phone a lot of people, as you can understand. The staff should let him know every few hours how everything is going, and he will pass the info along to my sister Ula ( so she can update family) as well as post it here on the blog.

So, further updates will be here on the blog, pretty much - after Chris heads back home Ula will be posting blog updates. Hopefully there's not much to report beyond a great operation and a quick recovery, but we wanted to have a central place to post updates and news. I know from personal experience that sometimes not knowing ( and imagining all sorts of terrible things ) is worse than being aware of what is going on, even if there are setbacks/ complications.

If you are one of my PoCo friends -- check in on my guys in June? They'll need some loving distraction, I'm sure. Thankfully my wonderful parents in law will be helping them out, but getting together with some of his school friends, or generally having a bit of socialization will really help.  I'm really hoping that  with a bit of luck and hard work on my part I can make it around ( or earlier) than the expected 6 weeks in hospital, so that I can hopefully be back for Chris' birthday in late July.

A small burst of energy ( and sunshine) yesterday with my little guy. Scarily I'm not actually leaning, so I think he might easily outgrow me in the next couple of years...

Like he says :" I wish we didn't have to deal with cancer in the first place, but since we have to -- let's kick its butt!"

Let's kick its butt.


  1. I'll freeze my postcards before sending them... Whatever it takes!

    Jim and I are calling dibs on taking the boys to see 'Brave' when it comes out, if they're interested!


  2. You are totally going to kick it's butt, and we are going to cheer you all the way!