Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Happy Place ( coloured. :)

Aiden had me colour it after all, with his choice of colours. ;)

It gives me such happiness to see his face when he looks at it, to create stories together with him about what may lay just past the hill that we can see.
Yesterday when I had really bad nausea and a migraine he thought he had given me  his cold, and was really worried and upset... so he drew me a picture of a king crab, who fell in love with the rainbow. So, they married.


This morning I snuck in and we had family cuddle time.  I got his breakfast ready, and Chris and him out the door.  It felt a little like my old self ( even if my energy burst is just about gone now, heh) - I think it did us ALL a world of good to just cuddle and enjoy breakfast together for a change.

Vaccines are this afternoon!  Not looking forward to those terribly, but hey, just one more step...

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  1. Apis: Looks like an idyllic, peaceful, happy place; the sort of place one could envision to get through the rough spots. xo Shelly