Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Happy Place

"A Happy Place."

For my little boy, so he always has a happy place. Finally finished it... at 11' x 14" its too huge for my scanner though, so I had to take a photo ( cut out some of it, but oh well). Aiden looks about 14 here, twice his age... but hey, who's to say he won't need it when he's a teenager too? Pencil and ink;  still have to see if I have the energy to colour it.  Something to occupy his mind while I'm away at my cancer surgery.

I like happy places. There are times where you need to just retreat into an image, or a song, a visualization of things that make you feel happy and calm. I tried to give that to Aiden as best I can.

The little critter next to him is a waka-waka, good-natured tricksters we made up when he was younger.  We figured that just as the hill slumps  down  there must be a carnival ( where all the balloons are coming from) and a whole bunch of waka-waka and boys and girls blueberry picking.

That's the glorious thing about hills --just beyond them you can picture any sort of wonderful scenario, and not have to actually draw it out. That way every time the answer can be a little different.

My happy place is not so different; it involves a stream, a willow treat and a picnic basket shared with my favorite two guys. I can hold on to that image for the days to come, and hopefully get to enjoy it after the long convalescence is done. :)

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  1. You are beautiful in every way and will be paid back in kind. We are following you every step of the way