Friday, 18 May 2012

Phone Pre-admission done...!

Had my pre-admission appointment over the phone just now... whew!

They let me know when to discontinue medications, what to bring, when to be there... etc. I'm flying out on the 2nd, but the meeting with anesthesiologist and all the tests for my surgery will actually take place on the 6th, the day before my surgery.

Close to the same prep as for the colonoscopy, bleh... but hey, at least I know the drill now!

Off to type instructions now while they are fresh in my mind, and then have two weeks to pack and prepare...


  1. All is falling into place :) Before you know it this will all be a distant memory and you will be healthy and cancer free :)

    Do you have a Kindle? You need to let me know what stuff we should bring for you during your recovery...


  2. Yes I also want to know if you have a Kindle!


  3. And my dear thing, you need to send me your mailing address again, as I managed to have a cursor twitch and deleted it. Rawr.

    Catching up on your blog I had to laugh that you got a charge out of Dave Barry. It's the only way to approach that special procedure, I think. :)

    Finally - even as obviously unwell as you feel right now, you're still beautiful!

  4. Mainly I want to share some books with you - I have several thousand so if you think you might be up to some reading, you are welcome to them. :)