Saturday, 12 May 2012

May Day's Parade- And Happy Mother's DAY!

Today was the May Days' Parade here in PoCo; I wanted to go, but I'm rather low on energy and not really up for dealing with crowds.

Aiden and Chris went out instead to enjoy it- he was sad that he had to miss out on the Children's Club meeting at the Cancer Centre today, but as he's caught a cold  he can't go into the center. Chris has it now too, which means I'm staying far from both as best I can; I can't catch  ANYTHING before my vaccines on Tuesday, and in fact it would be best if I didn't catch anything before the operation at all.

May Day Parade is one of the reasons we moved here, actually. It showed us the wonderful community that this is -- so close to Vancouver but still having a small town feel. Kids and their clubs, sports, associations go down in beautiful floats, people come and celebrate together. It really showed us the kind of place this could be for Aiden and for all of us, and every year has shown us how much more amazing this place is.

So they're out at the carnival by the library now, where Aiden is hooking up with a couple of friends from school, I'm sure.  People are walking about in shorts and t-shirts, so it feels like summer is finally here. Everything is green and beautiful, and it feels me with such amazing happiness. I'm glad that my MOAS will take place in the season of growth, of thriving. I can kick out this cancer and enjoy summer before I start my follow up chemo, hopefully!


We had grand family plans for tomorrow, as my mom and my youngest sisters ( and dad!) will be in town.
Aaaand then I got my colonoscopy scheduled for Monday morning, which means the prep is tomorrow. I will be having nothing but clear liquids all day and becoming intimately acquainted with our bathroom. ;)

Doesn't matter though, because I will have my two guys here with me -- and with luck I get to spend some time with my mom too, so what else is Mother's Day about? :)  There's so much about mothers, and the integral role we play. I always tell Aiden that I love my art and writing, and my creations are dear to me... but he is my true masterpiece.  No single thing has made me happier than being a mom.

He's such a little gentleman, and I really look forward to the possibility of spending many, many more Mother's Day celebrations with him.

So to all moms out there --  I leave you with Jann Arden's " Good Mother" since she says it better than I could. :)


  1. Thinking of you and hoping those nasty cold germs stay well! Poor boys! The weather is far too nice for colds!


    1. That's supposed read "well away"...lovely ipad typos...

  2. You will enjoy MANY, MANY more parades with the 2 boys in the future. Take care and make them wear the mask :)