Sunday, 17 June 2012

Great Developments (with pics)

 This post is also brought to you by Ula.
This last week has been full of great developments! As of today, Apis is only left with her pick line for her IV for her nutritional supplements and her pain medication .
It is hard to believe that just 10 days ago she went through this huge surgery (equivalent of 18 procedures) and was in really rough shape/surrounded by tubes. The doctor today stated she is WAY ahead of the curve. We were told to prepare ourselves for a 6-8 week stay before and now she may get released after 3 weeks. We still have to be cautiously optimistic but, as her doctor pointed out, she has a really strong body and AMAZING determination.  Now, we have started thinking about what comes next and wonder what the next phase of the treatment will look like – I am anyways. I’m a planner...  and must admit have a bit of OCD so I can’t help myself... and she gently reminds me to take it one day at a time... such a challenge at times.  She just keeps amazing me with her patience and her calmness.

She continues to push herself and take long walks around the hospital halls ... I heard her say to another patient  yesterday:“let’s go... I’ll race you.. it’s on!!! “  I love how she is joking and trying to cheer up everyone else.

Today, I printed her all your blog comments and I can’t wait to share them with her tomorrow.  She asks about all of you constantly and if there have been any new comments. She also has all her cards and pictures/postcards all over her room and looks at them constantly... they make her smile and give her the extra boost of energy for the walks and for those moments when even super narcotics can’t mask all the pain!!!! 

Valerie and I are keeping her company along with my mom and we have managed to split the shifts and keep her company for much longer than the visiting hours.
It was a great sign when yesterday I walked in to see her and she was seating down and drawing! Just like old times and a sign of what is to come!!!

When she gets tired from this we have been reading to her and she has also been answering some questions from the nurses who are a bit curious about her type of cancer and symptoms...  even some medical students and on-call doctors know very little about this disease.... we are all hoping to change that.
We will keep you updated as she keeps making more progress... please keep praying and sending good energy!!!!

Ps. This is Lovey the Bear (a gift from Aiden) and she hugs him all day..... Doesn’t she look gorgeous here?


  1. Great to hear the updates and you look well on the road to recovery. Can't wait to see you back home!!

  2. Ok lady, you've definitely got me in the energy department. Today I vacuumed and took some stuff to the recycling center and I'm wiped (granted it's 100 degrees out, but still!). And here you are zooming around the hospital and looking way better than anyone who's been jack-o-lanterned really ought to look after only 10 days!

    You're a marvel. And then some.

    Oh, and you look better than I do, too. ^_^ I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to see your smile!

  3. You're right, it really is hard to believe what she's just been through--she looks incredible. I laughed out loud at the photo of her at her makeshift drawing table. All must be well: she's drawing!

  4. It's wonderful to see photos. Especially of drawing! I miss seeing Apis sketches and I know how important it is. Looking good, and hopefully the continued recovery goes well. *HUGS*

  5. Go Apis! It's great to see that you're doing so well. Keep drawing and challenging others to race!

  6. Apis! Look at you! I cannot believe how well you look! Keep on keeping-on! I think of you all the time.

  7. God, this is making me so happy. I'm sitting here reading, looking at the photos, grinning hugely and happily. Go Apis!!!