Thursday, 14 June 2012


Today's post is from Apis' sister Ula who has been with Apis most of the time since I headed out.

We have seen a great change in Apis in the last 24 hours and especially since her stomach tube came out. She is now able to speak normally and is eager to communicate and even make a joke or two. As far as I know there have not been many hallucinations although she did believe that Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory was in the room, that the nurses were putting on a play for her and that she was witnessing a statue competition from her room – in her opinion the one of the momma bear protecting her baby should win. I agreed that was the best one... how could I not...

Apis has been showing tremendous strength and determination during this process. She is trying to walk and sit as much as possible and is constantly doing her breathing exercises. She doesn’t have to be told to do things... she is doing them on her own and taking control of her recovery so far.  She is being incredibly patient in spite of the constant probing, pricking, awful sweating and incredible amounts of pain. She is focused and fighting to get better and to get home as soon as possible. I saw her first real smile today after she spoke to Aiden (for the first time since he surgery) and Chris. She is fighting for you guys!!!  And she adores you.

We are taking shifts staying at the hospital and before I left she asked me to bring back to her the artwork supplies she brought with her and her comfortable pillow – these are all great signs!!!!  She also started fluids today and I hope soon she will be able to eat a real meal... as real as a hospital meal can be. Dr. Temple said today that Apis is a super patient and that she has amazing lungs, organs, and strength. I couldn’t agree more and hope her recovery continues smoothly and that she is ready to start chemo when she returns.

Aside from her strength (physical and emotional) Apis has great friends and family. We thank you all for keeping her (and us) in your thoughts and prayers. And for the gifts she has received. The first few days were the hardest and Chris was there ALL the time with her and lending his support.  He is still there... in that room.. in her heart and thoughts constantly. Chris you are an amazing husband and father! Apis and Aiden are lucky to have you!!!!  Some of the patients she has shared a room with have had no visitors and the nurses have mentioned Apis is an extremely popular patient as one of us is there constantly (until we get kicked out) and sometimes 2 or 3 family members. We can assure you all that we are doing what we can so that she heals physically and also gets an emotional boost... extended hospital stays can get pretty depressing after a while and we are trying to be as entertaining as we can J

She mentions those in the PMP group often and hopes they are doing as well as they can... never stop hoping for the best is what she says.... I agree 100%


  1. Keep up the great work! Enjoy your apple juice :) I can only imagine how relieved your family is that your surgery was so successful. As soon as you are up for a visit, please have your sister text me (403-470-5836) and we can go for a walk around the unit (I know that sounds SOOO fun) or I can push you around in a wheelchair. - Caylee

    1. Caylee

      Email me at and we can coordinate a visit.


  2. Always wonderful to hear the updates and know that Apis is doing well. Continued best wishes, prayers, and love being sent from me here in Colorado. It's great to hear that Apis is making such progress. She is strength itself (she knows I've leaned on her amazing strength many times) and I know that it will just continue to prevail. I'm so happy she has family close to her during this time, it definitely is a help during hospital stays. :) It's great that she's asked for her art supplies, I know how important art is in her life. Lots of love!!!

  3. I so wish I lived close enough that I could come and visit in person as well, but you know I'm there with you all anyway.

    It is an excellent recovery thus far, truly wonderful. I just realized that it's only been a week (plus one day counting today) - I'm sure it feels like four times that! To think that she's come so far in such a short time. Apple juice ahoy! (and then on to the jello! Woohooo!)

  4. Melinda and Jim15 June 2012 at 09:11

    Blogger has eaten several of my long posts in the last few days, so I'll keep this short: We've been following the blog everyday and thinking of you... We're amazed, relieved and so proud of your fighting spirit! You are one feisty lady and we know we'll be seeing you back home soon!!

    Lots of love from both of us!

    Melinda and Jim

  5. What can I say that I haven’t so far? Just that I am happy, in all the extend of the word. I am happy that thinks are coming around and that Apis is doing well. Shabat Shalom to all of you!

  6. Glad to hear that she is doing so well! Keep it up, Apis!

  7. Thanks for the update, Ula. Please give Apis and the entire family all of our love (Shelly, David, Adam, and Claire). Can't wait to see Apis upon her return.

  8. Hi Ula,

    Tell Apis that I am thinking about her and sending her all my love. I will try giving you guys a call once I am in the States.

    Love, Melida

  9. Hi Ula,

    Please let Apis know we are all rooting for her. We are noe living in Mexico. We went to the Virgen de Guadalupe (Mezico's patron saint, visited by 20 million people a year) and had mass celebrated in the name of her recovery in the big Basilica. We also think it is awesome that you are there for you. She is lucky to have you Ula. Big hug, Cesar (Andrea's smart, witty brother : )

  10. Hello Apis,
    Claire and Al, Bill and I are at Grand Bend taking care of Greg as he recovers from his hip replacement surgery. We are all thinking of you as you move day by day through your recovery. Thanks to Chris and your sister and you for your posts. You are in our prayers daily. All the Ontario family is behind you!
    Marian Blonde