Sunday, 22 July 2012

Anemic, eh?

Well, that explains why I'm so tired... other than the whole major surgery part.

Went to my GP on Friday, who looked me over and got to hear the whole tale. She is absolutely AMAZING and one of the reasons this whole madness has turned out as well as it has so far.  Dr. Tn was delighted to hear how well surgery went, about the prognosis and plans for further chemo.

She looked over all the lab results from the hospital and ordered some new blood work here, since from what she could tell I am currently anemic. She also prescribed a steak, which I gleefully ate on Friday night.  :) Depending on the results ( though I snuck a peek online and yeah, it would appear that I am)  I may also need iron supplements, but we will see.

I've never thought about anemia - I mean, I used to donate blood in university, and my iron was always stellar. It then dawned of me that donating pretty much anything ( body wise) is off the table now, and that made me feel down, actually. I've always wanted to be an organ donor, and without the transfusions I was given at the hospital I might not be here now. I hate that I can't give back that way, but it just means I will have to find other ways of paying it forward.

Saturday was a GOOD day. I was able to have cake! I went with Chris, Aiden and my mother and sister to celebrate his birthday, and after stopped briefly at  SFU ( our alma matter and where we met and married ). They were putting on a Japanese summer festival, and some artists had booths, so I had the chance to see my friend Molly and Aiden could get some Pokemon goodies. I walked around for a good 45 mins there, and despite being a little sore felt like myself.

I am down to just taking Advil for pain, and none of the other meds except for the hormone replacement therapy.  My eating habits are still being tested, but I try to give my stomach something new to try each day. Sometimes the small victories trump the small defeats!

My Hope garden grows strong, and we may have cherry tomatoes first. Thank you Jim and Melinda for taking such good care of them!!! I hope that by the time they're ripe I can actually eat them.


  1. Patrick Galletti23 July 2012 at 05:20

    Keep it up we are with you ; ).

  2. Looking grate! Nice picture. Keep it up! Any chances that at some point you will get down here so I can treat you with some chocolate replacement therapy? Or maybe I could fedex them to you ….

  3. So glad to hear you're doing all right, Apis!

  4. Dear Apis,
    You look good in the pic!!!
    Strad and Swain

  5. Wow, look at you! You do Not look like a person who has been through a huge trial by surgery in the recent past!

    Better watch out, though. That cutie in front of you is not going to be very Chibi much longer! Please give him a hug from the crazy cat lady in Colorado...he's had just a bit to deal with, too!

    You can't imagine what joy it is to see this progress.