Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Best Laid Plans....!

Dr. Tn's office called me, as they want a follow up appointment to discuss the lab results.  Pretty sure I'll end up with the iron supplements, but hey, if it beats the anemia I'm happy.

Surprisingly, Dr. J called me himself this morning - I was surprised, as I'm not scheduled to see him for another two weeks. He thinks we should  start chemo sooner rather than later, and gave me an appointment for this Friday. Looks like I might be starting chemo much earlier than I thought?  So much for a break, but hey -- if that's what it takes to make sure it doesn't come back, that's what we'll do.


  1. Maybe you're just healing so speedily they see no reason to delay?

    You already know what to do, you've been doing it beautifully so far: take it day by day. :)

    *still cheering you on*

  2. Chemo is a difficult process, but you can get through it!

    Strad & Swain

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    1. Ok.. sorry for the response... at least better to get this done sooner :)

  4. Wow, talk about expediency. Hopefully everything goes well with the chemo and I'll keep prayers and good thoughts heading your way hon. Iron supplements are bleh, I had to take them when I was pregnant with Emma because I was anemic at that time, but you get used to it.

    Day by day lovey. You're so very strong, I know that no matter what changes they make to your schedule, you will overcome with grace.

    Lots of LOVE!

  5. I am keeping you in my thoughts! :) It's good to hear that the chemo will be coming sooner rather than later. That way, you get it out of the way faster! It's good to hear that you're doing so well. Keep it up!

  6. Had the chance to speak with your father this morning. Please tell him I say thank you. We are honor that he is going to let us publish one of his columns in our magazine. Personally I consider him a teacher, thanks for that too. BTW … as hard as it might be, if at some point you feel like shearing your experiences or maybe your drawings with us that would also be a pleasure and as I said in a previous note we could do that under a pseudonym. Well, once again I wish you well on this new step of the process and this Shabbat you will be in my prayers as always.