Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bless you, REZREZ family!

Last friday Chris' coworkers held a fundraiser for the tom baker center in our name.

Bless you!!! Bless you for always treating us like family, for being Chris support network during these difficult days, for being amazing, generous, wonderful people.

Thank you for letting us be stronger because of you, and helping to raise awareness and funds for lifesaving research.

everyday i am reminded of the strength and kindness of people around us... Chris is so lucky to work and be friends with so many amazing human beings.


  1. It was all of our pleasures Apis!!! It was a big success and everyone is keeping you and your family in our thoughts


  2. You have good Karma... great people like you guys deserve nothing but love, support and kindness...

    I love you... Ula

  3. I was diagnosed with PMP in 2009 and had my MOAS in 2010 and am now doing great! You can beat this too! You have a great site! There are a lot of us out there trying to raise awareness.

    I have joined the PMP Research Foundation to help raise awareness and money for PMP research. The foundation has already awarded $450,000 in research grants with another $100,000 in 2012.

    There is also a Facebook group called http://www.facebook.com/groups/PMPAppendixCancerSupportGroup/

    Best of luck to you! If you want to reach me, my email is sjortega@gmail.com.