Friday, 27 July 2012

Chemo Plans

Well, the appointment with my GP last Friday went well;  I am still a bit anemic, but much better than before. Because of  iron supplements would probably give me more issues with digestion than I have now she didn't prescribe them, but rather we are going to focus on improving it through nutrition.

Today though, I had my appointment with Dr. J, my chemo oncologist.

The short version is that on Dr. T's recommendation ( which he wants to follow) is for follow up chemo;  basically the same regimen given for colon cancer. When I was in Alberta I didn't have EPIC ( the follow up 4-5 days of IV chemo while at hospital just after) but only HIPEC. I'm glad in the sense that I think it would've weakened me to the point that it may have hindered my recovery; right now I feel like myself, and I love returning to some of my routines.

So, because of this the follow up chemo is what I will be having over the next six months.  Basically starting next week ( still waiting on exact date)  I will be having 12  cycles, one every two weeks. We tested my veins and because they are pretty weak and inadequate ( argh!)  I will have to have another port put back in.

In short, right now we are waiting for the appointment at either VGH or RCH, hopefully for next week, to get the port put in so that I can start chemo.  I will be on 5FU ( fluorouacil) and oxaliplatin, as well as leucovorin. Its too bad my veins were unsuitable for the mix of IV + tablets regimen, but what can you do -- after  6 months I need to make sure my veins would be able to handle it.

Had more blood tests done, as well as another chest xray... as apparently it the notes it showed I'd had an 'air bubble' in my chest from the chest tubes while at the hospital. Eh? First I heard about it, but I'm glad he was looking into it. In fact, I have to say I really like Dr. J; he has been so proactive, and the one to move to get me the CT scan AND the  colonoscopy.

He also asked me to stop the hormone replacement therapy, as apparently it doesn't really get along with the chemotherapy drugs. I think that might be a rough one, so apologies if my moods end up being a little all over the place over the next few months. 

I am happy he is so on top of things, and glad that we have weapons we can use to try and prevent recurrence. I had, however, hoped for August as a month to recover and enjoy with my son and husband;  I don't want this to just be the summer of cancer for him.  As that plan seems unlikely at the moment we're making the most of this weekend and enjoying our summer traditions: Blueberry picking and swimming. At least once !:)  Aiden was lucky this past week too; a friend of my sister's  treated him to a tennis camp, and he had an amazing time. Nothing like seeing his excited, happy little face!

The next few months will be an interesting challenge...


  1. Good luck Apis! As always thinking of you. :-)

  2. Babe

    You will have many, many, many more summers ahead! Now you just need to keep moving forward with your strength and determination. ANYTHING I CAN DO I AM THERE and will hop on the plane! And I am always here for you! I LOVE YOU! Uli