Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Home in BC now, sleeping in my own bed. Its so glorious to be home!

Still a long road ahead, but bit by bit. Some friends of ours took care of our Hope Garden, so its huge and lovely. Tomatoes coming out everywhere! None are ripe yet, but I look forward to seeing them get to that stage.

Have an appointment with my GP on Friday, and the one with the chemo oncologist on August 8th. After  that we should have an idea for the chemo schedule.

In the meantime, the weight loss seems to have leveled off; still no real appetite to speak off, but eating all the same.  I'll be making an appointment with the nutritionist at the cancer center to help me tackle  food issues, but for now eating small portions and mostly sticking to a low-residue diet seems to be helping.

I feel tentatively well. Exhausted, really sore -- but none of the weight of the cancer, if that makes any sense. Before they took out the tumours I just felt... GREY, as though there was a zombie in my body eating me up from the inside. Now I don't - I'm just recovering from a harsh surgery, trying to become stronger to take on chemo.

Re-examining my life and projects, and switching some priorities around. For the next year or so it will be all about healing, and about spending time with my loved ones too.


  1. It definitely sounds like your head is in the right place, lovey. Good to hear that things are progressing. One day at a time. But definitely better to feel as if you're recovering for a major surgery than to feel like you did before.

    I'm so proud of you, how strong you are, and how amazing your outlook has been through all of this. And you've still had time (and the care) to keep in touch with all of us in the respective ways we enjoy.

    Keep moving forward and taking it one day at a time, au?

  2. Apis!

    Soooo happy to hear you're back home in your own little bed. It makes such a huge difference. Hard to explain to people who've never been through a surgery or the long stay in hospital. There is no place like home (at the risk of sounding like Dorothy!). Anything we can do for you, please let us know. You rock BIG TIME, Apis! A positive outlook and a great sense of humour play a huge role in recovery. They also make it easier for everyone around you who is agonizing over you in ways you cannot imagine.

    A big "thank you" for keeping us all informed. Your family have been amazing in posting on your blog while you were in hospital. I look forward to seeing you again when you're feeling up for company.