Thursday, 30 August 2012

Aiden's Tomato

When we were getting plants for our Hope Garden earlier this year, our son picked up this tiny scrawny little tomato plant. When I suggested something sturdier that may fare better, he replied:

"Mommy, sometimes you just have to have faith on things."

... and with that, we bought the little runt. FFW after my surgery, and MEGA tomato was had. Looks like 2 more are in the way.

Sometimes a little faith goes a long way...


  1. dear apis

    it seems so tasty, ufufu!
    lovely red color!
    have you taken it already? or kept it?
    i will send you some kobito(dwarfs) for aiden.
    please wait a few days
    i love you

  2. Unreal. Totally awesome. You have to have faith!!!! Se ve delicioso!!!!!!! uli

  3. Oh... I actually teared up at this little story. I love it. I am so glad to hear things are going well for you, Apis! Keep at it!