Thursday, 30 August 2012

Cycle 2!

Chemo cycle 2 overview

Well, just had my  chemo # 2 on Tuesday ( or will finish it today when they disconnect the pump with the 5FU).

There have been side effects, but so far relatively mild. Again, I'm told that they may increase with each cycle, but for now they are manageable.   The 'chemo brain' is the one that is probably getting to me the most ... inability to really concentrate, short memory lapses. It will go away once  all chemo is done, but in the meantime it makes it very hard to get things done.

Met ith  Dr. J  ( my chemo oncologist) on Monday, and bloodwork looked fiine so we will proceed with the same chemo regimen. I had written down all symptoms/ side effects to discuss with him, as I didn't trust myself to actually remember them. They're all within the range of normal; he's happy that I've only had mild nausea ( since it means my current meds are doing a great job at keeping the worst at bay).

So, since I was asked via email about a few of the side effects:

  • Cold dysesthesia - boy, that one is hard to get used to. My computer chair has metal bits, and when I lean against them I get a jolt. Unexpected, but we're learning ways around it. Thank you Ula for the gloves! :)
  • Joint pain - Nasty, but only  for the first couple of days.  Dr. J said it was okay to handle with some ibuprofen ( and thankfully I have the extra strength one at home)
  • Digestive disturbances. ;) Aren't you  glad I'm leaving that nice and vague? Despite that, haven't lost more weight due to chemo yet...knocking on wood though.
  • No neuropathy yet this cycle, yay.
  • Extreme fatigue - hasn't kicked in yet. I'm really tired, but nothing like cycle 1. That, however, started the day after they took off my pump, so I'm thinking its coming over the next 2-3 days.
  • Dry mouth - started after chemo pump last time, haven't had it this time yet. I've been using the humidifier in our room all the time though, and I think that's helped a bit. Will have the  baking soda/ water rinse ready just in case, but no mouth sores yet. ( again, knocking on wood.)
  • Assorted aches seem to have stopped, yay.  My port  finally stopped hurting and settled down. 
  • No hair loss yet, though I've noticed some thinning. I'm told with the chemo cocktail I take its probably it won't all fall off, so we have to wait and see.
ALSO, EMLA and EMLA PATCHES. I could kiss them, they're... glorious.  I put one on a couple of hours before I had to go in for  the chemo and didn't feel the needle stabbing me in the port area at all! :)

We did get some handouts at the chemo class before I started treatment on how to handle different side effects  (such as diarrhea, fatigue, etc -- if anyone would like me to scan them, email me and I can send then to you!)

Happier Thoughts and Celebrations

 Needing to be reminded of the happier things in life, we are planning a small vow renewal in about a week and a half from now, celebrating our 12th anniversary. We've talked about doing one since our 10th, but didn' with this year being what it was, we thought it was a perfect celebration.  Twelve years of being married to my soulmate and best friend, almost 8 of having our son join our happy team. :)

We will be thinking of all of you that have supported and encouraged us through this difficult journey, bless you all.


  1. Congrats on your 12th anniversary! :-)

  2. Wooo! That's two down! What odd side-effects, it's good to know they're temporary.

    Happy Anniversary, by the way. Can't wait to see some pictures...

    Keep going, Apis! Every day you're getting closer to the end of treatment.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Apis!!!! Love every one of your posts as they're a great reminder to keep the faith and to stay positive. We're all still rooting for you over at the Mah household!!!!! :D *hugs*

    take care,
    Michelle Mah