Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Rough Day

Yesterday was not a fun day.
It started out ordinary enough, until I went to the washroom... and nearly passed out.  My arms and legs lost all feeling, I was drenched in cold sweats and the stomach spasms were pretty bad.

Thankfully we were able to call a couple of friends who came to the rescue and took Aiden for the day  ( thank you P&P!!), and  Chris managed to talk to the oncologist on call at the FVCC.

It appears one day of not going to the bathroom isn't a big deal to most people, but when you add that I'm on chemo and the trauma my body underwent, that one day of constipation basically forced my body into shock. Or, as I was trying to explain to Aiden later, overloaded my system trying to force a reboot ( alright, so I might have stretched the analogy there. He's 7.)

The dr. on call said NOT to go to the ER if we could avoid it; I'd be sitting there, potentially exposed to other pathogens in the place and there wasn't much  they could do for me. I had to get the bowels moving with lots of liquid and some hardcore meds ( Senokot). As Chris couldn't leave my side lest I pass out, my sister drove some over before taking off again.

It was a very, very long day. I think was sitting there hours before all feeling returned and I could stand on my own to go back to the bed. Poor Chris was just trying to support and make me feel better. The rest of the day and last night was a mix of time in the bathroom and fitful sleep.

Well, I guess we begin to see more of these effects.

The thing that gets me its that I"m not really taking must of my anti nausea pills, only the prescribed ones right around the chemo, to try and prevent constipation. I'm drinking liquids like crazy, and still, one day that my body can't process them and it goes into shock. Doesn't exactly fill me with confidence over the next few months, you know?

Late last night I had a talk with Chris and Aiden both, because they'd been so worried. It WAS scary, for me too. Aiden told me if there were days he needed to stay home from school to look after me and maybe call 911 he could do that. It nearly broke my heart!

I explained that no, thank you honey, you have to be in school. That's non negotiable. But we did teach him again how to cal 911, as well as how to call his dad on the phone. I hate that its a skill he has to have now, but the fact is better safe than sorry.

Effects still seem to start right after the pump is taken off, so hopefully today will be a much better day. We had a phone call at 7:30 am, and there was no going back to sleep for me after that, bah.

Day by day, right?


  1. Yuck, I feel for you. :( Perhaps there are some things you can add to your diet that can help keep things moving, too? More oatmeal and bran and suchlike? Coconut oil brought great success to a certain relative of mine when she was having troubles, it might be worth looking into if it works with your diet and meds?

    Those are some super men you live with! :)

    1. Thank you Chelsea, I'll look into that! The thing was that 99% of the time I'm having the...ah.. OPPOSITE problem, so that one struck us out of the blue. Thinking I'll have to make an appointment with the centre nutritionist though.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. :) Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!

  3. I am sorry I can't be there but will try and see if maybe soon. Thank g-d your friends were able to look after Aiden and you... please thank them for me. Hang in there... now 2 are behind you!!! LOVE YOU!!!! Ula

  4. Hang on strong!