Saturday, 29 September 2012

Cycle 4 and Tests Galore...

Mostly sleeping. Side effects are still there, but so far manageable; this weekend is the true test, I guess.

Last week was spent in tests, and chemo. Had a couple of tests of my adrenal system and glands on Saturday and Monday, thankfully all okay. On Tuesday I had chemo, then Wednesday I had an echo -cardiogram ( sort of like a heart ultrasound) and Thursday the pump came off.  Monday I have to go in again to get a halter, some sort of heart monitoring device to finish ruling out things.

I'm hoping it has just been the combination of things -- needing to sleep for about 3 days straight every cycle isn't conducive to enough hydration, or eating. Honestly my appetite just isn't there, especially when everything tastes different.

  Just 2 more after this one! Aiden was in his school's Terry Fox Run, proudly wearing the Beating jelly belly shirt.  He even donated the $5 he'd been saving for a treat, which surprised me. He is such a sweet, sweet little guy, and we are blessed in having awesome friends and family that have helped make this whole thing easier on him.

He wants cancer to be over, and I tell him so do I. 2 more, for this treatment... and then I guess we'll know at the December MRI how everything went. Can't put our lives on hold till then though, need to live them too!

Anyhow, laying down beckons again.


  1. So this is 4 out of 12, right?
    Keep it up!
    Jag Sukkot Sameaj!

    1. Robbi, after talking it over with my oncologist due to effects and such we're aiming for 6. So... almost there. :) Jag Sukkot Sameach.

  2. Heading for the home stretch!


  3. It is your strength that have brought you till here and nothing more. People pary but its inly you know what are you going through. Go girl!