Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Grade 2 !

Aiden started grade 2 this morning -- how exciting!
He was anxious to leave me, but I decided to come with since they were only there for about half an hour today. After he got to go spend the day in the sun with a friend ( bless you Colleen!  <3 ) and will probably tell me all about his adventures once he gets home.

How is he in grade 2 already? He had to grow up a lot this year, but what an amazing little guy he is.
This stretch, I can do this. A few more months of this, and then 2013 is upon us - and this horrid year will hopefully be nothing but a bad memory.

Still, we're working on the GOOD ones. Looking forward to being surrounded by family and friends at the vow renewal, to making good new memories to look back to as well.

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