Sunday, 23 September 2012

This is Halloween, this is Halloweeeen!

If we manage the 6 cycles that means that my last chemo should be near the end of October, so as long as I can manage the cold dysesthesia  both Chris and I can take Aiden out trick-or-treating.  So exciting! I can look forward to that and Aiden 's birthday ( Nov. 1st) as the next  happy goal. Plus, around the same time our nephew Connor should be born too... Aiden is so excited to have more cousins, and we are so psyched for Matt and Jenni.

So, with that in mind, we broke down and got costumes for the first time in years!

This is, literally, the first time EVER I'm a princess. ;)  As a kid I was a campesinita ( typical traditional Colombian clothes), I was THE LIVING BRAAAAIN and the Human Fly ( lol, loved that my mom let me choose my own costumes like that) and any number of things, but princess was never in my radar.

This time I saw the Snow White and thought -- hey, who better than Snow White to come back from a life threatening crisis and overcome it? Plus, my hair still works with it, though its has been thinning out. If it all falls, I'll buy a wig, or be a stylish bald snow white. :) My loves are going as a fabulous Luigi and a very hairy pirate... perfect!


  1. By far my favorite holiday, and I must say all of your costumes are wonderful. I think you make a great Snow White. Aiden's is my favorite though, I've always loved Luigi!

    As always, sending my love and good thoughts and prayers. You are amazing, and you have a wonderful family there to support you.

  2. You all look adorable in your costumes. :3 You, in particular, look very pretty as Snow White. :D

    Best Wishes and all our thoughts are with you, in hoping that everything goes through safely and smoothly for you!