Wednesday, 3 October 2012

And Then There Was One?

Thank you so much for the suggestions and encouragement. Will be exploring a few - thankfully the cancer center here seems fairly openminded.  Can't take any supplements or such while on chemo, but that might soon chance.

After examining the side effects and issues ( like the blood pressure drops and passing out)  in balance with the chemo benefits with my specific type of cancer, we've decided in conjunction with our oncologist to only do 6 instead of 12.  More likely 5, even, which means that after the one next week I would be done ... at least for a while!  My MRI won't be until December, which means until then we won't really know how effective  the MOAS and chemo were, but we can certainly be hopeful!

At this point my body is still too battered from the major surgery and the chemo to take more; its a matter of making sure I can actually HEAL, and regain some of my quality of life in the process. After December's scan -- well, we'll see. We have to take our chances and navigate the options as best we can.  I am hopeful that the December scan will be clear, and finally let me take a breath of relief, at least from now.

So one more, maybe 2. I can do this! I can push through the last little stretch, and then concentrate on healing my body and soul. I've gotten a Cooking for Cancer cookbook, to assist with nutrition, and I look forward to getting back to some level of activity. I have projects, and hopes, and need to get my body in shape to take them on. 

This year was hell but it also showed me what my family and friends are made of, what my body can take and overcome. What my spirit can rise above. Bless you ALL for the comments, suggestion and support. Many of you that I don't know as well amaze me too. Your kindness and generosity of spirit in leaving a word or a thought, mean the world. That is the energy I draw from to get up and go, to face each day determined to beat this thing.

Here's to kicking the jelly to the curb!! <3


  1. One more! You can totally do this!

  2. Yes, only one and then you can really focus on healing and feeling better honey. I know this will all be worth it although it is hard to go through. I am thinking of you and sending you my love and good energy. Uli