Tuesday, 16 October 2012

No more chemo for me!

Today I'm done with chemotherapy, its official! :)

I only managed 4 out of the 12 cycles - I had so many side effects and it hit my body so hard that it was decided it was best to stop it. Last week my cycle #5 was cancelled, as my white blood cell count was too low, so today we made the choice with the oncologist to officially end any more chemo. Happily from the blood tests today my white blood cells are back to normal levels now.

So... DONE !   I am happy that I had some, which has hopefully helped get rid of any cancer cells left, but even happier that my body now gets the chance to heal. Its finally a chance to put this year's craziness in the background and be able to concentrate on family and other things.

What comes next is waiting for my MRI scan, which won't happen until some time in December. Between now and then I will also have to have the port-a-cath removed ( ow), and it'll have to be flushed every few weeks until it CAN be removed.

After the scan in early December we'll be able to see how everything went. I am REALLY hoping after everything we've done it'll be clear, so prayers and positive energy much appreciated in that regard.
We have a meeting with Dr. J on December 19th, which is when hopefully we'll discuss the scan results.

So for now... cancer treatment is done. For the next couple of months we get to focus on healing, building up my immune system some and enjoying end of year activities with Aiden and Chris - and all our friends!


  1. Let hope it is all for the best and that the MRI comes out as clean as ever. Let’s also hope that the recovery process will bring you down here so we can go and celebrate with some ajiaco and we might throw some vallenatos into the party. For the last couple of weeks we have been busy with my nephew’s Bar Mitza so had no chance of checking your blog, but had lots of time at the AIM so I had you always always in my mind. I am happy that this is going ok and that the year will end way better than it started. Is it time to bring the champions’ music? Let me get started with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSTivVclQQ0

  2. Yay! I'm so glad. One more hurdle overcome. Many good prayers and wishes for a clean MRI and a smooth recovery. You're amazing :)

  3. Congratulations! Now you can actually enjoy your restful healing time.

  4. Continued prayers and good thoughts for you hon! I'm still amazed at how strong you are. Hopefully the scan will come back clean and that everything will be getting much better from here on out. I'm really hoping that you and your boys will have a fun Halloween as that's coming up soon. Just get lots of rest and keep healing.

    Lots of love and all of the warm fuzzies I possess.

  5. DONE. DONE. AND DONE. Now, focus on enjoying your family and your life baby!!! You have been triumphant throughout all this ordeal and you will defeat the jelly belly beast. I just wish I could show you my happy dance... NO MORE CHEMO :):):):) Love you and constantly miss you honey...