Sunday, 7 October 2012


Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada.
While in my house it will be perforce a low-key affair, I'd be remiss not to at least mention it.
I have been blessed  with many, many things to give thanks to, and not just this year.

There have been so many challenges, so many insurmountable mountains that prop up... but ALWAYS there has been a helping hand, a ray of hope.
I'm blessed to live in Canada. My operation, my chemo -- everything was dealt with without bankrupting our family, as is the case in many other countries.
I had access to one of the top experts in the field, even if that meant I had to leave my province to get it.
I had just about the best outcome from one of these surgeries. I had little complications after, all things considered.
I was offered chemo. For all that I complain about it, and how hard it HAS been because my cancer is so rare and not blood-based, there's very little research that chemo does anything for it.  BUT I was offered it and given it just the same, so give me the best fighting chances.
I have an amazing GP and oncologist, both of whom go above and beyond to help me beat this thing.
I have an amazing family, who took turns keeping me company at the hospital, who moved cities to be closer to Foothills and be able to help us manage MOAS and the aftermath. 
I have an amazing husband, who truly is my best friend and soulmate, an amazing son that kept me going through EVERYTHING, amazing twin niece and nephew who brought smiles to my face no matter what.
I have amazing friends, who dropped food off when I was too sick too cook, who took Aiden for playdates to take the stress out of him and give him moments of joy , or looked after him during ER trips, who kept Chris sane and helped fundraise for research.

I have friends and family around the world, of every faith and belief, praying on my behalf and sending me good energy.

I have a stubborn, stubborn nature, and a fair amount of excess weight which served me well over the past crazy years.

I am thankful for family, friends, life and chances.  I am thankful for all of the above and whatever else may come at us in the future? I am thankful for today. :)

Happy thanksgiving, dear friends.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Apis! So much to be thankful for, virtual hugs from me :-) Renee

  2. your attitude never ceases to amaze me!! you are an inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. You are remarkable, you are an inspiration, and you are one of the things I give thanks for every day!