Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Its out!

My port -a- cath is out and gone, lalala, lalalaaaaaaaah!!!

It was nowhere as lengthy or involved as putting it in was. So happy not to have it in me anymore, even though it served its purpose beautifully.

One more thing down. :) Heard from a friend who had the same surgery a week after me that she got her results - NED ( no evidence of disease) and it made my day. I hope my own MRI next month says the same thing.

Today another friend's husband is undergoing MOAS with my surgeon, so keeping fingers crossed and sending some prayers their way. Life one step at a time, but feeling pretty good today!


  1. I'm hoping all goes well with you in December! We are keeping you in our thoughts!

  2. And little by little you start getting a bit of a break. I hope you feel even more energetic and like yourself without the port. Maybe go for a swim? I LOVE YOU> Uli

  3. two thumbs up!