Saturday, 8 December 2012

Happy Hannukah! ( Six months since MOAS!)

Yesterday was six months since the day of my surgery.

Half a year! In less than ten days I will have my MRI, and whatever it shows we will take the next step forward. Somehow waiting is one of the hardest parts; I hate the not knowing one way or another.

Tonight Hannukah started, the festival of lights. It celebrates a miracle, and the ability to find light in every aspect of our lives. What better reminder than the miracles we experienced this year? After the fear, and pain, the worries... just being given the chance to spend this time of the year with my family is amazing.  Having found the doctors that I have, being given the opportunities I was... how can I not feel blessed?  How can I not see the brightness around me, when my friends and loved ones were points of light and support all through this year?

Tonight  I finished the children's book about PMP and appendix cancer that I have been creating with Aiden ( for Aiden). I am profoundly happy that this is something I have completed; that we did it together, and can share it together.

I have the PDF version ready, and will be publishing the physical book version too, so hopefully more info soon.

My MRI scan is on December 17th; if you have a moment, and can send some good energy my way that day, please do?


  1. I wish you a very happy holiday season, lovey. It's wonderful you get to enjoy the time with your family. I'll definitely be sending good thoughts and prayers for your MRI and hopefully it will have a positive outcome! Also sending so much love your way for you and your family.

  2. Happy Hannukah Apis! Hope you're doing well.

    Best wishes,
    Kate :)