Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Kids Book - Bellybuttonless

The kids book that Aiden and I were making together is finally finished. :)
It was a good distraction for the past couple of months -my scan is in less than a week, so I'm nervous but passing the time finishing off a few projects.

 The whole reason for this book  was to tell our story and help other families with kids start a conversation. To date there was nothing harder than telling my son that I had cancer; nothing I dreaded more than answering his questions, or worrying about his fears. Talking about it helped us all though, and it was one less weight for our family to carry. Being able to  tackle it honestly ( without excessive detail) helped us make it through this journey.

The printed book I am self- publishing through Lulu, and will be available in 2013.  You can find it here:


It isn't a catch all book, but it is a labour of love. I hope that it can help some of you that have contacted me since I started this blog!

Here is a list of wonderful organizations to donate to:

  • The BC Cancer Agency
  • The Tom Baker Center ( Calgary) - surgical oncology department
  • http://www.pmpcure.org/ ( PMP Research foundation)
  • http://www.pseudomyxomasurvivor.co.uk/ (In the UK)


  1. Read it and loved it. Was in danger of crying in at my desk here at the office.

    How amazing you are! And how wonderful that you and Aiden could make something so scary into something so beautiful. That's how you know you're winning the battle...

  2. It is a true labour of love and a fabulous book. I am soooo proud of you guys and love you soooo much. I will definitely be getting a printed copy.


    1. I will donate some to the Tom Baker Center...

  3. I read the book - it is great that you and Aiden made it together to share with others. I love the illustrations.