Wednesday, 19 December 2012

NED!!! - No Evidence of Disease!

Dr. J. called us to come in today, as the results were in the system so he could share them with us before the holidays. Needless to say, we were so nervous!!

The results... NED! 'No Evidence of Disease'. Though  in the case of PMP re-occurrence is fairly frequent it may not happen for many years. Every 6 months I will be having an MRI, and checking... but for now I feel so incredibly happy and free.

Next Monday is my 38th birthday, and I will celebrate it with an enormous cake.

Bless you and thank you all for your support, your kindness and prayers, your good energy. We couldn't have made it through this year without you!!



  1. I am sooooooooooooooo happy Baby!!! I LOVE YOU!!! May you have many, many more birthdays and enjoy MANY cakes with us.


  2. Congratulations!!! What good news, I'm so happy for you! You have fought well, now you can really relax and enjoy...

  3. OMG APIS!!! YES! That is the best news I've had all YEAR!!!!! I read this and threw my hands up in the football "it's good!" thing. :)

    *does the happy dances*

    I had you on my mind all day yesterday, had shared Bellybuttonless with my co-worker, and we were talking about how you had to have the scan; and if I had been clever enough to check the blog then I'd have realized it was because you were getting The News!

    I am so, so happy. For you, for Chris and Aiden, for your fabulous sisters, and (selfishly) for myself. Because I was not done with you yet! ;)

    Enjoy the holidays and your birthday, and that humongous cake! You have more than earned it.

  4. I'm SO happy for you and your family, Apis! :D It is wonderful that you received the good news before your birthday. I wish you'll have a great winter holidays and many many more to come.

  5. Hi Apis, this is wonderful news!!! I just spoke with Chris at work and am so delighted for you all. Now to celebrate and move forward. :)


  6. Apis, what wonderful news! I am very happy for you and all of your family. Happy New Year! It has begun on an amazingly positive note! Te amo. xo Shelly