Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Three White Hairs and the Canucks

The Three White Hairs and Post Chemo Arthritis Update

A few weeks ago my hair finally stopped thinning out, hurrah! I was lucky in that I didn't lose large chunks, as happens with most chemo medications, but it fell out evenly all around, so it just thinned out.  Today I noticed that the reason my hair looks fuzzy is because new hair is starting to come out.

"Hurray!"  I thought. And then I looked closer. They were curly. Alright, I have wanted curlier hair, so that would be an excellent development. I HAVE heard that sometimes the texture of new hair will be different when it grows after chemo.

Then I looked even closer, at three glorious WHITE hairs.
Oh, my.
Well, I do always tell Chris and Aiden my goal is to grow gray and wrinkly next to them, so I guess it starts! ;)

In other news, I started taking Diclofenac in the New Year, to help with the joint pain from the arthritis, as Advil wasn't touching it.  The creme definitely helps, particularly at night. I'm able to sleep through the night for the most part, and that has been a wonderful change. I'm still in pain, particularly my hands and knees, but I am managing to get back to most of my routines. Since pain management seems to be mostly under control I am starting to look around for  activities that will help me be more physically fit. It feels like I slept for a whole year.

Thank you Vancouver Canucks and Fred Ewanuick!

In the Summer of 2011, before the nightmare started, we went on a weekend outing and ended up visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge. After the horrid experience of crossing the chasm of doom our son wanted to stop by the gift shop; happy to be on solid ground again, I quickly agreed.

We ended up only purchasing a postcard, and when I asked him who he was going to send them to he told us he wanted to send it to the local hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks. In particular, he wanted to send it to his favorite Canuck, Ryan Kesler. So we mailed the postcard with  a SASS envelope in the hope that he might get a little note back.

Life happened. That fall my brother in law got married ( Aiden made his first girlfriend at the wedding. Or two. He was six going on seven!), we all came down with strep throat, then bronchitis... fall turned into winter and before we knew it it was 2012. That new year I wrote an email to my family to rejoice in the new year and look forward to new challenges and opportunities.

Well, we got those in spades! In fact my one wish this New year was for a healthy, happy year with no surprises. With everything that happened, we pretty much forgot about the postcard. When Aiden would ask in late 2011 we let him know that the Canucks are really busy, have only specific seasons...etc. Privately we thought it had probably just gotten lost.

So,  guess what arrived yesterday?

An envelope addressed to my son ( in my writing) with a photo of the Canucks and a signed photo of Ryan Kesler. Aiden was in utter disbelief, and such joy. After all this time! It was a sign, I told him, that this year will be much better. Things are coming together, happiness arriving at our door.

He put them up next to his other prized possession, a hat signed for him by Fred Ewanuick, his favorite actor. That hat helped him through a lot of rough spots last year, and he showed it off to everyone that would look or listen.  Thank you Mr. Ewanuick, Mr. Kesler and Canucks -- the joy and love you give back to your fans matters more than you might think.

2012 was the year of Cancer. This is the year we take our lives and our joy back.


  1. Yes!!! This is the year of Apis :) And Chris and Aiden.



  2. Each time my brother-in-law's hair grew in after chemo, it came in different EVERY time. He went from his original sandy brown to a dark brown to an auburn to what we affectionately called his 'tabby cat' phase because it was a mottled brown mix to the silver hair he has now.

    Mind, he blames the silver hair mostly on his daughter but she *is* an official teenager. *L*