Monday, 18 March 2013

A Blue Rose

I have always loved the legend of the blue rose, the thought that at the end of it all a true heart can accomplish the impossible.  I am a firm believer that despite the odds one can prevail.

So in the spirit of continuing to learn new things, I tried my first oil painting, a blue rose done with a palette knife ( no brushes). This blue rose is for Chris and for Aiden, that they always know that love, that faith and hope.It isn't great - my mother thought they looked like cabbages. ;) But Aiden and Chris where here with me while I painted it, cheering me on, so to us its pretty special.

Aiden has been doing his own blog, and we continue do learn new things together. I have been teaching him watercolours and acrylics, and together we spent the last few weeks tumbling our own rocks. We kept a journal and now that they are finished we're turning them into pendants and dangles for family and friends.
We also got a painting in the mail, so had to go into Opus and learn to stretch it ourselves. Chris did it, and it was an amazing new experience. 

Today was another first, for me. As I dropped him off at his day camp for spring break I had to park at a Curves gym. Those of you that know me are probably aware that I am not the most physically active person; however, after a year of inactivity  I feel the need to get my body back. I need to get my strength and stamina back, and I am also hoping it will help with the post- chemo arthritis that I am still dealing with.
So! Friday I have an appointment with my GP to get some ideas on the arthritis and get her green light about my exercise plans. I got some information and handouts from the Curves owner, and its close enough to Aiden's school that I could drop him off in the mornings and come down to do a workout before heading home.

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  1. Honestly I think that your rose painting is far better than any of the oil paintings I accomplished in art school. Oils and I are not friends. I can tell it's roses and I love the sentiment behind it.

    Good for you for wanting to get back into a more active routine. I would love to have that kind of motivation. They have Curves gyms down here and I've heard they're pretty good. I'll definitely be cheering for you hon. <3