Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Welcome Spring

It has been hard not to spend the past month taking note of all the anniversaries; the day I had my appendectomy and the first sight of the mucin, the day we found out it was cancer, the day we had to tell our son...the list goes on and on.

I can't live on anniversaries. I can't let the year from hell drag me back into it. Spring break was good - we put our son in a theathre camp and got to do art with him, science experiments, celebrate my MIL's birthday and spent time with the new nephew. Everything around us seems to be blooming and its a joy to behold ! Vancouver had a stretch of warm and sunny weather, and it has done wonders for my spirits.  I love BC ... it really has some of the more spectacular scenery in the world.

Having Aiden at my inlaws for a few days also gave me the impetus to paint our master bedroom. I had acutely disliked the colour since we bought our place a few years ago, but because it was a neutral colour decided to keep it for a while. The colour can charitably be described as an off-shade of pinkish tan, but during my convalescence I became more and more convinced that its actual name ought to be vomit. Finally I decided to take matters into my own hands and after convincing Chris a serene lavender blue would be a much happier choice, painted it. It was exhausting but exhilarating to be doing something physical again!

I have also signed up at the local Curves gym, since  my GP gave me the go ahead. Activity will help me build up my strenght and stamina again, and with spring I feel a renewed need to do things on my own and reclaim that independence.

On the health front, my  arthritis continues. I switched over to Aleve and it was an amazing difference, so I suspect that after all this while my body is probably too used to ibuprofen for it to help at all. The topical cream has also helped, but as this was supposed to last a month or two and we're now going on five my GP had me do some hand x-rays and we'll see if that shows anything. Hey, perhaps exercise will help a bit with that as well!

I also went to see my oncologist as I've had some belly pains and a bit of swelling again. While it can conceivable be simple belly fat ( I have put on 15 lbs since stopping chemotherapy) my mind jumps to other conclusions. I suppose over time I'll stop worrying that its a recurrence, but I don't see that happening any time soon. It feels like... tiny zombies gnawing on the inside, not like the usual cramps or pains.  As it is we've bumped up my scheduled MRI from the end of May to sometime in mid April. I hope to have the date soon so that I can make plans accordingly.

In the meantime, life doesn't stop. Aiden is curious, happy and adventurous -- and I have to keep up! I talked him and Chris into going to Lynn Valley canyon and the suspension bridge there. I like it better than the Capilano one because its free. ;)  I am utterly terrified of heights, and in particular of suspension bridges; when my friend Hiroko visited in 2011 and wanted to go there I thought I would pass out. This time? Not so bad. I'm guessing that after cancer suspension bridges are peanuts!

We had fun crossing to the other side, hiking down into the canyon ( while singing the songs from the Hobbit) and the more arduous hike back up. I'm not -quite- as woefully out of shape as I thought. :)


  1. It sounds like you're enjoying spring! That's just fantastic. I absolutely love reading about your adventures (I'm not sure I could go on a suspension bridge myself!) and all of the photos are simply gorgeous. It's great that Aiden is so curious and that you have so many things you can do with him.

    I wish I had more suggestions for the arthritis, though if your doctor says it's okay you might try Sam-e. It's a vitamin and it's really helped my joints. Otherwise I use Aleve or topical creams with glucosamine in them. You might also try some of the beverages out there that have glucosamine in them. Definitely check and make sure that they won't be detrimental to your health in other ways.

    Always love reading your blog, hon, and I hope things continue to look bright for you. Painting a room always seems to add a breath of fresh air, so I'm glad you got to do that.


    1. Hi hon!
      There's a reason we went on a hike the long way, I didn't want to tackle going across again, lol!

      When I was first crossing it ( and panicking) this random stranger looked at me, smiled and said :"You can do it. I believe in you."

      Honestly, that's what pushed me onwards.

      I have found Aleve does make a difference, and I use a topical cream at night that definitely helps. I'll have to check on the glucosamine though, something else to try!

      Love you so much Ruthie. Sorry I'm such a hermit these past few weeks... <3