Tuesday, 17 September 2013

And six weeks later...

I had more bloodwork done and went in to see my GP again.

Medication has helped my HBP and my thyroid issues, but my liver enzymes keep going up.  On her advise I contacted my oncologists, and Dr. T suggested a CT scan or an MRI to see what's up with my liver. All advised not jumping to scary conclusions, but they were also concerned.

My 6 month MRI is coming up on October 9th. That's booked, and ready, as is meeting with Dr. J  two weeks after that (* he's away until the end of this month). It took some pushing and explaining, but his office has sent a request to the imaging department, as we need to see what is going on with my liver, which apparently means an MRI focusing on the liver ( no date set yet).


I'd chalk it up to feeling nervous about my 6 month MRI if my bloodwork wasn't consistently getting higher. Of course, my paranoia takes over and keeps conjuring up the worst scenarios possible. Don't we all do that? I'm taking it day by day but some days are rougher than others.

This fall  (all of 2 weeks ago) we finally chose to pull our son out of a school that wasn't meeting his needs and homeschool him. He has been thriving and we have both been loving it, but the health issues rearing up have us nervous on that regard too. We choose to go ahead and take this leap of faith because we HAVE to be able to plan to some degree, to anticipate a future and prepare accordingly. It has been immensely  rewarding to see him thriving, even if this particular journey has no map of the road ahead. Isn't that true of life in general?

At least I've never been daunted by the road less traveled.

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