Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Good news... clean MRI!! :D NED! Dr. J doesn't think I need to have the liver MRI based on this one, so that one might be cancelled. He will confer with the radiologist and probably Dr. Temple.
I DO have to get back on calcium and vitamin D, and he has ordered a bone density scan I need to have done as a baseline, as I am at higher risk for osteoporosis. I'm actually also having done hepatitis exams, just to be on the safe side.
So what's up with my liver then?
Well, it would seem there is fatty liver infiltration.  Because I don't have a gallbladder anymore I can't really process fats at all - most is tossed out, other absorbed into places that it shouldn't, like my liver.
This is also compounded by the weight I gained since March or so - rapid weight gain thanks to the thyroid issues is still weight, and done in such a short amount of time that my body is feeling the impact.

So, the solution is weightloss, but also  revised eating habits for me.  While we've come a long way and we've just started our family challenge ( thank you Ula and Val for the tips) I will probably need more strict monitoring and expert advise on how to go about doing that, because of ALL the things that got taken out of my body and all the types of food I can't process anymore ( like probiotics).

Chris' insurance covers a naturopath, so now that I have all the information ( pending the bonemass and hep tests) I will follow up and try and get an appointment with one. Onwards!