Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Year's Pneumonia, but much better Chinese New Year!

Gong Hey Fat Choi! May this year be healthy, happy and adventure-filled!

2015 started with a whimper, as a couple of illnesses floating around the holidays developed into an infection and pneumonia by New Years Eve.

That was followed by 2-3 weeks of doctor visits, labwork every few days ( which white blood cells and platelets out of whack) and one fun ER trip when I passes out while having my blood drawn.

In the end, I had to rest, take liquids ( and lots of nutritional supplements), antibiotics... and rest some more. Its hard to admit how quickly one's body can go downhill when under attack, and it was a good reminded for my loved ones ( and me) about exactly what a suppressed immune system entails.

I am now pretty much back to my usual, thanks to taking it easy and B12 daily. I am also staying away from pretty much anyone that has so much as a sniffle.  I think that sometimes its hard for people to understand how serious it can be, and how quickly infection can take over.

February was by far more positive - having slowly gotten over that plague life started settling into routines. This month our lives weren't about cancer anymore. We focused on other projects ( personal and professional) and definitely turned our attention and energy to my son's well being and happiness.  He was only 7 when I was diagnosed, and a lot of things had been put on hold while we battled the PMP monster. This past Fall we all finally got to a place where we are ready to face forward and take leaps of faith in pursuing all our dreams, taking on different adventures.

My little man has grown up a lot these past three years. When I remember him that Valentine's day, heartbroken and uncertain about what the future held I can't help but say thanks to G-d, to our friends, to science and all the amazing doctors and people in our lives. They helped us get to this point.

My next MRI is Monday, and as usual I am anxious and stressed. I've come to the conclusion that I will always be! But that's okay. There are other things in the horizon now that we will all hold onto. :)